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EBS setup with Capture Device

If your editing workstation is not plugged into the internet, the capture device USB will plug into the computer that is running Evercast. If your workstation is plugged into the internet, the capture device will be plugged into that system instead of a separate computer. For a visual illustration, please .

Setup tutorial

  1. Hardwire your Mac to the internet. Also, turn off wifi!

2) Plug in your USB capture device into the USB port on your computer. Once plugged in, make sure the light is BLUE.

3) Plug in the HDMI cable from your HDMI source into your HDMI capture device.

4) Download and install this first piece of Evercast software (unzip first).
Note: Before installing, please watch this short video regarding Apple’s macOS security policy.

Once you have completed the video, continue to download and install.

5) Download and install the last piece of Evercast software.

6) Open chrome, visit https://v2.evercast.us/ and log in with your credentials.

7) On your dashboard, click the room you would like to stream to. If you don’t have any rooms, you will need to create one, or ask to be invited.

8) You will be taken to the pre-room. Please watch this short video.

9) Open finder / applications on the Mac workstation and open the EBS application. You may also want to add EBS to your dock for easy access.

10) In order for EBS to stream correctly, it needs to know which room to stream to. Please watch this short video. Note: In order for EBS to stream, at least one person must be inside the Evercast room.

11) To select the HDMI capture device as your audio and video source, please watch this short video.

12) Final settings. Please watch this short video.

13) Starting a stream. Note: When you start an EBS stream, it will take about 30 seconds to reach full HD quality.

14) NOTE: You do not need to run Chrome on the same computer as EBS, for EBS to work. EBS is independent of Chrome. The only thing that is required for EBS to connect successfully is for at least 1 person to be live in your Evercast room.