Creating and accepting a quote

So you're ready to get started using Evercast. That's fantastic! Here's a quick guide on the process of creating and accepting quotes.

Creating a quote

Visit the Evercast Billing page at On this page, you start by selecting the plan that best fits your needs - the monthly plan (recurring for as long as you need it), or the two-week plan.

This next page is a multi-step form for creating your quote. You will select how many Evercast rooms you need, how long you need the rooms for, when you want the service to begin, as well as your billing and shipping information.

Approving a quote

After you complete the billing registration process, you will receive an email from Evercast with an official quote (like the example below). When you are ready to approve the quote and move forward, you can:

  • reply to the email letting us know that you approve the quote, or
  • if you use PO numbers, you can submit your PO number on this page

After you accept the quote, you'll be given instructions on registering the room owner, getting your room setup, and more.